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Bioinformatics focuses on developing computational methods for collecting, handling and analyzing biological data.

Committed to success

Cheragh Medical Institute Hospital

Established in 2007, Cheragh Medical Institute is a for-profit private higher education institution located in the suburban setting of the metropolis of Kabul.

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BRC has a strong emphasis on molecular, Structural and clinical Bioinformatics.

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Computational Medicine

Minds-on Molecules and Macromolecules-structures, and models
powered by simulations

help students understand molecular structures and engage in the compelling world of science.


Basics of Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Structure, Forcefield and Simulation Suite

Initial coordinates, a potential, and algorithms for propagation.


Optimization techniques in molecular structure
Functions interpretation

we discuss recent optimization approaches to the protein side-chain prediction problem, protein structural alignment, and molecular structure determination from X-ray diffraction measurements.


Docking Protein
Protein Docking Methodology Development

Protein-docking is a molecular modeling problem which aims to predict, with computer science algorithms and techniques, the mutual orientation and position of two molecules forming a complex.


Virtual Screening
Modern Approaches in Drug Discovery

Virtual screening can be defined as a set of computational methods that analyzes large databases or collections of compounds in order to identify potential hit candidates.


Visualizing Molecule and macromolecule structures
Tools for visual exploration of structural data

Molecular visualization is fundamental in the current scientific literature, textbooks and dissemination materials. It provides an essential support for presenting results, reasoning on and formulating hypotheses related to molecular structure.


“The BRC promotes advanced computation and informatics approaches to increase our understanding of normal and disease-associated biological processes, drug development, and therapeutic responses.”

Ahmad Shahir Sadr

Head of BRC

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Ahmad Shahir Sadr

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